Discover Vintage – Discover Kompanero Australia

If you are constantly in search of fashion accessories that are as unique and individual as you are, then look no further than Kompanero Australia.

Our range of leather bags, totes and clutches offer a distinctive weathered look, vintage appeal and contemporary design. We believe that “Leather is a Timeless Companion” and an investment in a Kompanero piece is an investment for life.

The perfect travel companion. Your ideal day-to-day support system. A memorable statement for a night on the town. No matter where you are headed – Kompanero is there by your side.

Each bag is handcrafted from high quality leather and piece-dyed which ensures no two pieces are ever the same. Global in its fashion sensibilities it is of little surprise that Kompanero has found its way across the globe.

Check out the seasonal ranges at Kompanero Australia – most ranges are limited runs with only 5% repeat stock so if you fall in love it’s best to grab it while you can.

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